Friday, June 29, 2012

My Slice Of Heaven........

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It's kind of small, has no cellar for storage & can be lots of work(when everyone & their grandmother comes down!:) ) but it's my little slice of heaven near the beach! It's the destination that hubby & I look forward to at the end of a busy work week & the place we never want to come home from. I snapped a few photos of our sweet cottage in Rhode Island & thought I'd share. Hubby wants to tear it down & build a new home. I want to keep the basic cottage & add on. His thoughts are more practical since we don't have a lot of room to store things & he hates the idea of no cellar & the fact that it can get a little damp in humid weather. It's something we are going back & forth on right now. We both agree however, that it's getting way to small & our family will only grow when our other kids get married & more grandkids come. Right now I'm just enjoying the summer & doodling  of the addition I envision off the back next year! I think my husband knows I will probably win this one LOL! Have a wonderful week~ TGIF xoxo

Love to do the window boxes up lush & pretty
My gardens use beach
front gardens~
Bird beacch

Vintage latnetr beach hosue
Rusty old lantern from antique shop down the street

Pretty window boxes
Could it be the salt air that makes flowers grow so much better down here?
Hudrangea beach cottage
Our hydrangeas are so much purpley/blue down here than at home!
Lola watches over the front garden beds~We love it .............

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