Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mid Week Simple Project........

Thought I'd post a really simple, easy project that transformed a lamp base from new to old in a matter of minutes. Bought a lamp at homegoods for our family room that resembled one I had seen in pottery barn(the base that is) only it looked too "new" Here is the lamp & the easy way it was tweaked & transformed from new to old.
We started with this
We painted this on with a sponge brush to coat the entire lamp base.
This is what it transformed into-don't you love rust!
Voila-new now looks old! Time it took-10 minutes. Now it looks more like that pottery barn lamp base.........
Enjoy the rest of the week~I'm watching the snow fall right now. xoxo

Friday, February 24, 2012

TGIF & Pretty Spring Blooms........

 Enjoy your friday & think of the wonderful blooms to come...for now, we are enjoying our fireplace & staying cozy in the snow. xoxo

Monday, February 20, 2012

Challenges & I Love Lucy........

This winter has been a mild one here in New England so I can't complain about the weather. However, it's been challenging with family issues. My younger brother was diagnosed with neck cancer (he was so lucky to be treated at one of the best head & neck cancer hospital's in the country & is finished with treatment & doing fabulous!) My dad has had major surgery, my other brother had major back surgery, and my daughter & her little family lost their home when the apartment complex they lived in burned down. They are safe & sound & living with us at the moment so we are thankful. (My white slipcovered furniture is well covered right now with sheets as my darling 2 year old grandaughter is a one woman wrecking crew.) I had minor surgery last week & my husband left for Houston, Tx. on business for two weeks the next day (I miss him terribly) I have the end of winter blahs even though Spring is right around the corner & always need something to make me laugh at days end. That's where Lucy comes in......Anyone that knows me well knows that I love the show I Love Lucy....Lucy makes me laugh, probably because she is always up to something & is always in trouble with ricky for something she did. My nickname around here IS "Lucy" for the same reasons. I have lots of favorite episodes but the chocolate factory is my absolute favorite.....My BFF is my Ethel & this episode just reminds me of us & something that would even happen to us-I'm not kidding! Anyway...I've been tuning in to Lucy re-runs a lot. They make me laugh & get me over the humps & bumps of daily life lately. It's so sweet & funny that Lucille Ball's daughter-in-law Amy Arnaz & I have become good blog friends. Visit her at her beautiful blog The Magic Tutu. She is a very sweet woman & blogs regularly about her love of family, dance & animals. Our friendship was meant to be....I like to think it was because of Lucy.
All things pass & I have to tell you I can't wait for this challenging winter to be history. For now, I'll just count all the blessings we do have & the fact that everyone is on the mend. I'll also keep watching Lucy just in case........

Oh how this reminds me of my hubby & I

Everyone needs an Ethel
Hilarious Lady & GORGEOUS to boot

My favorite episode~classic Lucy

Hope you can all find a little Lucy in your life to make you laugh when things get tough xoxo



Friday, February 3, 2012

I am totally addicted to pinterest. I am at it in the wee hours of the morning & when everyone else has gone to bed I am still at it. I can't seem to stay off of it. The inspiration I gather from the boards has inspired me to paint, sew & create. That's a good thing right? My dark circles & tired eyes are not. I don't require a lot of sleep everynight but a few hours would be good. lol. For now, I'll pin, repin & be inspired. Check out some of the boards that so inspire me at pinterest  Have a wonderful weekend~GO PATRIOTS!!!! xo

Just  a few pics of inspiration from some of my boards...

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