Thursday, March 29, 2012


This beautiful girl(with her uncle noah) is going to her first prom on saturday night. This is her at her 8th grade graduation dance....we've been so busy getting her ready for the big night & what a production....when I went to the prom (she thinks a 100 years ago) we did our own makeup & nails,didn't spend hundreds on a dress, had a friend help with our hair & didn't ride in limo's. how things have changed. It is now a small fortune & lots of "glamour time" to get ready for the big event. It's all fun & her grandfather & I have treated her (as grandparents do) to most of the things she needs for the prom. I had to laugh the other day as she said to me "Grandma you have no idea how much stress I'm under this week getting ready for prom!" I kind of just smiled at her knowing that this is nothing compared with some of the stresses we deal with as we get older & have more responsibilities in life. For now, it's all about excitement, fun & a first prom........
Have a wonderful weekend blog friends!xoxo

Friday, March 23, 2012

Houston & Cupcakes........

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE sweets.....especially a really well made, delicious cupcake full of pure ingredients & swimming in delcious frosting. I'm Italian...I just love to eat period! While here in Houston I've been shopping, catching up on reading, lounging in the sun & most importantly scouting out the BEST cupcakes. There is literally cupcake shops everywhere!!! While I've had a ball tasting cupcakes & enjoying each one, I've made my decision & the winner is CRAVE CUPCAKES the most delectable cupcakes in the world! While my poor hubby works 12 hour days down here (remember he is here on business...I'm on!) I am enjoying a cupcake daily. It's almost like a vitamin to me There is a CELEBRITY CUPCAKE & also a SPRINKLES. While both are delic my favorite is CRAVE. Just look at this sweet shop & the yummy treats so beautifully displayed....It's really all about the experience too & boy does this shop capture it!

I love the clean, fresh, simple feel of the shop. There are marble tables up front where you can sit & enjoy your cupcake treat.
This picture had to be big to really let you see the many flavors & the cute embellishments on them
Milk served in real glass bottles brings you back to childhood
How about this fabulous stove???

There is so much to do down here. The retail therapy is the best & the weather glorious! Tomorrow hubby has an early day & we are going to a small town brimming with antiques. Sunday we are hitting the beaches in Galveston & monday I fly home. As much as I love the cupcakes the best part of any trip is coming if I can just figure out a way to bring these babies home with me without them melting all over the suticase. Crave doesn't ship or I would be sending them everywhere for family & friends to taste. I wonder if I can carry a dozen of them in a blanket disguised as a baby like Lucy did in one of the funniest episodes of all time. The trip to Italy, when she tried to smuggle the giant cheese home! Have a great weekend my blog friends! xoxo
I think it looks like a baby don't you? Might be worth a try! :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

TGIF & Union Jack

Just a few quick pics of a coffee table/trunk I just finished with A.S. chalk paint-not the usual union jack colors but they work in my casa....enjoy the weekend! Off to Houston, Tx. next week to keep hubby company on a business trip....I'll be busy getting ready for that. For some insane reason I think the house needs to be perfect before I leave on any trip. Are any of you as insane as I am? LOL  xoxo

Pics aren't great...weird lighting out today. also, forgot to mention this piece is waxed with clear wax & dark to add age. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

73 Degrees & Shopping In Boston.......

What a day! The temp in my car monday read 73 degrees & after taking a friend to a dr.s appt. in Boston we stopped for lunch & a little shopping. Nothing says spring more than the gorgeous hues at Anthropologie & Williams Sonoma.  I snuk my camera in to snap some pics while we shopped...

Gorgeous props in anthro
don't these colors scream SPRING?!
cool spoon hook
This was my favorite thing in the store :)
Look at this sweet book
I can't remember if this was a throw or a scarf-like crocheted thingy but it's gorgeous!
beauuuuutiful mercury glass knobs
Don't you think their bedding is dreamy?
And of course the clothes!

lets head over to williams sonoma now before i get in the car & run up to anthropologie & grab the things i should have grabbed when I was there. why do i talk myself out of things all the time?
so cute all decked out for easter
must have for the serious baker, yes?
one in every color please
french copper......need i say more?

Hope you are enjoying the week-we are having some heavenly weather here in ma this week-a tease of what's to come-can't wait! xoxo

Friday, March 9, 2012

Springing Ahead........

compliments of pinterest

Enjoy the extra hour of sunlight & try not to think of the sleep lost this weekend!  Think of what's coming soon~xoxo

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Fun Filled Chalk Paint Day........

We started out on a sunny day in January to this beautiful place....
located in the seaside town of Bristol RI
It was a long anticipated class on chalk paint techniques.
Here is our instructor the super talented Nancy Chace owner of sea rose cottage

nancy had lots of beautiful examples of different finishes

the waxes finish off a piece to perfection
that's my good friend jackie (blonde) of the beautiful shop & blog
bliss farm antiques it was so nice to spend the day with her.

one of nancy's fabulous painted pieces. looks so old world & aged to perfection
nancy also kept us well fed during class
it was a fabulous class & of course I went home & got my hands on this repro mora clock & painted away
the light was a little funky for photos but you get the picture right?
i also decided to give a gold mirror new life
so happy about the way these two projects turned out & it's all thanks to the wonderful class nancy  taught. she will be attending the annie sloane workshop (one of many she has taken) coming to boston in april. if you live in ri. ma. or ct. check out nancy's blog for any upcoming classes. can't wait to see what new techniques she may share with us! more of my projects soon in an upcoming post. I Hope you are having a happy & productive monday! xoxo 

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