Monday, July 23, 2012

July's Garden..........

st. francis watching over the blackeyed susans & herbs. given to me by a favorite uncle.

                           oregano just plopped in an urn (ran out of room in the herb garden)

The  swing where I put my little grandaughter to sleep.
an old elevator floor indicator (my hubby is in the elevator field)
back of the garage. I love this little spot.
pink roses peeking thru perennials.
I adore hollyhocks.
whho doesn't love echinacea/coneflower?
 this old washer holds the hoses
Bee Balm so beautiful in the garden
buddehlia aka butterfly bush
rose of sharon given with love from an old friend
a favorite reading spot
herbs & annuals planted in a brimfield purchase
I love my little greenhouse built by my daughters boyfriend
this isthe 2nd set of birds to hatch in a favorite topiary
gorgeous wave petunias are always on my to plant list. they are sooooo easy to take care of & I love the way they cascade as they grow.
heart shaped bed planted with purple impatiens near the playhouse. too bad the bunnies are slowly filling their tummies with these tasty blooms. (sorry about the glare)
i love container planting. oops forgot to put the potting soil away!

tj maxx zinc pots planted with herbs (what a great find!)
my darling little grandaughter giana digging for worms in grandmas gardens (loves the worms!)
one of my favorite planters....delphinium with gypsophilia (babys breath) underplanted. this stands in front of the kids playhouse that I just recently changed from pinks & greens to all white with a gorgeous sky blue door.

As the summer moves on, the gardens usually get a little tired looking towards august. I pull out or cut down tired looking plants & supplement with fresher looking annuals, more perennials that will bloom late summer & miracle grow the gardens to death lol! If you do it right the summer gardens will transition right into fall with very little bumps in the road. Hope your summer is going beautifully....xo

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bathroom Inspiration........

Getting ready to re-do one of our baths & these gorgeous pinterest pics are so inspiring! Enjoy....

Enough inspiration to get your juices flowing yes? Have a wonderful week....xoxo

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