Thursday, March 29, 2012


This beautiful girl(with her uncle noah) is going to her first prom on saturday night. This is her at her 8th grade graduation dance....we've been so busy getting her ready for the big night & what a production....when I went to the prom (she thinks a 100 years ago) we did our own makeup & nails,didn't spend hundreds on a dress, had a friend help with our hair & didn't ride in limo's. how things have changed. It is now a small fortune & lots of "glamour time" to get ready for the big event. It's all fun & her grandfather & I have treated her (as grandparents do) to most of the things she needs for the prom. I had to laugh the other day as she said to me "Grandma you have no idea how much stress I'm under this week getting ready for prom!" I kind of just smiled at her knowing that this is nothing compared with some of the stresses we deal with as we get older & have more responsibilities in life. For now, it's all about excitement, fun & a first prom........
Have a wonderful weekend blog friends!xoxo


  1. How absolutely precious. What a beautiful girl. I sure hope she enjoys herself and all goes as she has dreamed..............she sure looks beautiful in blue.

    I married my prom date high school sweetheart 34 years ago tomorrow. He has long since been called to the Lord (cancer) and it's been fun thinking about Prom - and my handsome prom date- who I loved so long ago.

    Have a blessed weekend.

    1. michele-what a sweet story & how you must miss your prom date of long ago....

  2. How exciting for your grand daughter! She looks so beautiful in her blue dress.

  3. Beautiful girl....and pretty blue dress!
    I hope all her dreams come true! :)

  4. How exciting! She looks gorgeous and I bet you had fun shopping with her and getting her ready!

  5. Your so right about stress in later life. But she's got her own kind of stress. It's kinda cute to hear. I know she's happy and looking forward to her night.

  6. Gosh Chris~ I got out of the habit of checking your blog regularly when you took a break a few months back, so I'm surprised and HAPPY to see so many posts that I haven't read yet. Love the way you write and the topics you write about. Regarding Prom: Yes! It is so different now. When I hear my students talk about Prom they seem stressed out mostly due (like you insinuated) to the cost of everything from the dress to limo to a show in LV to flowers etc. etc. Glad I was in HS when everything was simpler. Your granddaughter is pretty. You must love pampering her. Happy April. Hope all is well in the Glynn household. xoxo Amy

  7. Hi Sweet Chris!
    oh your comment made me smile:) :)
    I've been so unbelievable swamped with sign orders I haven't been able to blog in soo long! I'm not sure what it is all about but 2012 is turning out to be the year of the custom sign, lol!
    What a beautiful grand daughter~ prom...yeah! Hannah goes to her senior one next last prom:(
    oh the memories!


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