Friday, March 23, 2012

Houston & Cupcakes........

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE sweets.....especially a really well made, delicious cupcake full of pure ingredients & swimming in delcious frosting. I'm Italian...I just love to eat period! While here in Houston I've been shopping, catching up on reading, lounging in the sun & most importantly scouting out the BEST cupcakes. There is literally cupcake shops everywhere!!! While I've had a ball tasting cupcakes & enjoying each one, I've made my decision & the winner is CRAVE CUPCAKES the most delectable cupcakes in the world! While my poor hubby works 12 hour days down here (remember he is here on business...I'm on!) I am enjoying a cupcake daily. It's almost like a vitamin to me There is a CELEBRITY CUPCAKE & also a SPRINKLES. While both are delic my favorite is CRAVE. Just look at this sweet shop & the yummy treats so beautifully displayed....It's really all about the experience too & boy does this shop capture it!

I love the clean, fresh, simple feel of the shop. There are marble tables up front where you can sit & enjoy your cupcake treat.
This picture had to be big to really let you see the many flavors & the cute embellishments on them
Milk served in real glass bottles brings you back to childhood
How about this fabulous stove???

There is so much to do down here. The retail therapy is the best & the weather glorious! Tomorrow hubby has an early day & we are going to a small town brimming with antiques. Sunday we are hitting the beaches in Galveston & monday I fly home. As much as I love the cupcakes the best part of any trip is coming if I can just figure out a way to bring these babies home with me without them melting all over the suticase. Crave doesn't ship or I would be sending them everywhere for family & friends to taste. I wonder if I can carry a dozen of them in a blanket disguised as a baby like Lucy did in one of the funniest episodes of all time. The trip to Italy, when she tried to smuggle the giant cheese home! Have a great weekend my blog friends! xoxo
I think it looks like a baby don't you? Might be worth a try! :)


  1. Oh my that milk looks delightful!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I just love cupcakes! GOOD cupcakes! We have the best cupcake bakery here in my small town - here is their site just for comparisons, though it doesn't give that vintage space justice - just walking in is a senses delight - eyes, nose, mouth - it is HEAVEN!

    I absolutely adore that milk pic you shared, how cute is THAT????

    Here is their link, hope it is ok to share like this, I don't know them, I just love em and spent my cash in their as though I have it, haha. I married an Italian, he has taught me how to love food in only the way a true Italian can do!

    Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery

    Have a wonderful sweets-filled weekend!

    1. michele-what a wonderful cupcake site!!! I'll take a dozen of each~thanks so much for sharing this with me! :) chris

  3. hi tutti

    fun post
    i've missed you but so glad you're having some long overdue fun and relaxation

    now about those gorgeous cupcakes
    have you considered driving back?


    p.s. love the hilarious lucy cheese baby
    i forgot all about that one

  4. Hi Chris!!! This is the yummiest post! Now you have me craving cupcakes too.
    Have a wonderful day hunting treasures.

  5. That shop is beautiful and cupcakes look delicious! Sounds like you're having fun. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Ymu yummy, How nice for you to be on a vacation like that. You sound kind of like us. My husband travels and works 12 hour days. It would be nice if I could travel with him instead of working. Sigh...Oh well. Hey thanks for following my blog. I'm now your follower to and look forward to coming back for a visit. Have a great weekend.

  7. What a wonderful shop! Those cupcakes look sooo good. I can just see you trying to smuggle them on the plan-lol....

  8. Ha ha! That was indeed a funny episode!
    Good thing my sister Lynn and I are not near that cupcake shop...she's addicted and must try every flavor...I experiment as well although there must be some chocolate in it for me to taste! I adore that awesome stove....and now, I am craving something sweet. (Thanks a lot!)
    No, seriously, thanks a lot! Great post...
    :) Laura

  9. Hi happy you found my blog so I could find yours. Delightful. I love cupcakes and love to bake them also.

    Come back and see me often.

    Barb ♥

  10. Hi Chris!
    Mmmm...this is a delish post ~ love that stove!!

  11. You are way too funny Chris and this picture is priceless!! Surely you can find some way to bring a few home! Of course you may have to keep them closely guarded:) Perhaps bribery would work...hmmm. I once filled an old sturdy suitcase with hydrangea blooms from Oregon and they made it back to the east coast. Ha, we are in the same issue of Romantic Country and were both surprised! I wonder how many of our features we've missed, geez.

    1. your appearances in magazines sure out number mine roberta. I enjoy seeing what new things you've done every time you are featured & this is the best by far! It's a wonderful spread & makes me want to get home & get going again on my own! :)

  12. Oooh, just yummy! Now you've got me 'craving' these delectable delights.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

  13. Did you bring a few back? I hope so! Welcome home:)

  14. Oh this looks like such a fun place to visit!! I love the idea of the milk bottles!

    I don't think I remember that particular Lucy show- we have a bunch of them in some videos-(showing age) but I don't think that was one of them. I will have to try and find it.


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