Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mid Week Simple Project........

Thought I'd post a really simple, easy project that transformed a lamp base from new to old in a matter of minutes. Bought a lamp at homegoods for our family room that resembled one I had seen in pottery barn(the base that is) only it looked too "new" Here is the lamp & the easy way it was tweaked & transformed from new to old.
We started with this
We painted this on with a sponge brush to coat the entire lamp base.
This is what it transformed into-don't you love rust!
Voila-new now looks old! Time it took-10 minutes. Now it looks more like that pottery barn lamp base.........
Enjoy the rest of the week~I'm watching the snow fall right now. xoxo


  1. Great idea! Did you make the shade too?

  2. Love it! It looks like it has been around for ages. I also love, love, love your beautiful header!

  3. Super nice the new look here! xoxo...Fufu

  4. Wow! This stuff is like magic!!! I LOVE the shade too!
    Your whole blog is wonderful!
    Thank you for stopping by the lakehouse today.


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