Friday, February 3, 2012

I am totally addicted to pinterest. I am at it in the wee hours of the morning & when everyone else has gone to bed I am still at it. I can't seem to stay off of it. The inspiration I gather from the boards has inspired me to paint, sew & create. That's a good thing right? My dark circles & tired eyes are not. I don't require a lot of sleep everynight but a few hours would be good. lol. For now, I'll pin, repin & be inspired. Check out some of the boards that so inspire me at pinterest  Have a wonderful weekend~GO PATRIOTS!!!! xo

Just  a few pics of inspiration from some of my boards...


  1. Oh yes! Isn't pinterest so fun and so very addicting?

  2. Hi Chris~
    I joined Pinterest about 10 days ago and cannot believe how easy it is to fall into it for an hour or more! Such lovely photos and such creativity. Love the photo you posted of the stone building with the dusty blue shutters. Someone must love living there. I sure would. Hope all is well in your world. xoxo Amy


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