Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Office Redo........

So messy & torn apart!
Here it is...almost complete. Just a few tweaks- like cutting off the rest of the curtain tabs & adding black rings, adding my newly ordered pottery barn coir bound rug, & finding baskets for the formerly painted white bookcase that is now sporting a black color. We added a new chandelier that replaces the frilly tole one & I am loving the new look! I will show you a project that is inexpensive, sentimental and fills one of the walls with black frames soon. I love how accents of black against a white background looks so crsip & clean. For now, this is where we are at & I am a happy camper! I have to add that my husband is a saint. He's been painting whatever I ask without a rolling of the eyes lately. I think he knows that this winter cabin fever gets to me & that I need to freshen up to lift my spirits. We also have a wedding in June & I want the house to look fresh & up to date with the look I am loving now. It's funny how your decorating evolves & changes. I couldn't get rid of the pink (although not that much) & the frills fast enough. Gone & I feel more settled & happy. Posting more pics of the office in steps & my inexpensive project later in the week. Have a wonderful rest of the week my blog friends! xoxo


  1. Hi Chris...your new looks is wonderful!! Both your office and blog!

  2. Chris,

    Your office is gorgeous! Great natural light, nice French doors, and the angle of that table is perfect.
    Beautifully done.


  3. beautiful Chris!!
    What art is that above your mantel? looks fab!!

    Kay Ellen

  4. Kay Ellen~that is the ballard design knock off that was featured on It was so much fun to duplicate a 365.00 & 100.00 shipping item for peanuts (35.00)hope this helps-:)

  5. Love the new office! How could you not be creative in that office? Love the art above the mantel!

  6. C, It looks so nice! Great job. I love the new look of the blog too. Very elegant.
    bliss farm antiques

  7. Love it Chris!! Cant wait to see it with the new touches ... black bookcases and frames .... simplistic yet elegant .... and comfortable... a must ...



  8. Hey Chris ~ I am in the middle of redoing my office right now too! You have gone very light and airy with modern touches it seems and I have gone totally PINK! The painting is done and my new flooring goes in this weekend! Yeah! ~Stacy~

  9. funny how will all change Chris,me too. Love an all white, less is more kinda of style. Simple. I remember there was a day when black in our homes was forbidden. Looks great!


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