Monday, March 7, 2011

I Heart Urban Outfitters........

Does this scream "SPRINGTIME" or what? Just when I think I am so over pink...I see this & love it all over again! :) Happy Monday! xo


  1. Hi Chris, I am in love with that!!! I will never be over pink, especially pale, pale pink like that, and pale pale pink roses are my favorite!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hi Chris...that is just heavenly!

    I just love your new blog look! I think it is time I make a little change to welcome spring!

  3. Oh my this is so romantic feeling~~~I love it!

    My husband would kill me if I put that in our bedroom! ha-ha

    Hmmmm but my office space? YES!!!

    Hope things are warming up for you all!! and how is that adorable grand baby?
    I will snoop to see if you have new pics :))

    Kay Ellen

  4. Love the ruffles...and the pink...and all of your projects...will you come over and style my house? pleeeese???

  5. Ok so not a huge pink fan but I do love this!! would love to see this in gray ... or cream ...

    LOVE your project below... the contrast of the black against the white is amazing ....


  6. Love this...and I'll never be over pink! LOL!

  7. This is Gorgeous!!! I would love to have one...


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