Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucy....

Happy Birthday to my favorite actress & comedianne Lucille Ball~can it really be 100 years ago that this talented lady was born?! Have I told you that my nickname around here is LUCY?


  1. What a legacy she has left her family and the world!

  2. I just KNEW you would do a post about her Chris! (*_*)

  3. Hi Chris~ Thank you for the sweet post! It was a whirlwind 100th Birthday weekend for us and for those who went to Jamestown NY to celebrate at the Lucy-Desi Center. Apparently 800 women showed up dressed like Lucy and broke the Guiness Record for "Most Lucys" in one place. I bet you would have loved to see that! Thank you for remembering her. xoxo Amy

  4. I love that Lucy photo you put up on your blog post!

    What an amazing way she had to make us all laugh:) Her expressions were priceless!
    I watched my first I Love Lucy show at my Grandma's house and of course my Mom never missed an episode~~~Hard to believe 100 years?

    So glad we can sill watch the shows today...

    I know the older I become I am having many I love Lucy moments! ha-ha

    Hope all is well with you sweet Chris:)

    Kay Ellen

  5. Hi Chris, I haven't "seen" you since my Make Mine Pink days. Saw where you had commented on another blog and wanted to come by and say Hi. Your blog is beautiful. Congratulations on the wedding. Loved looking at the photos. My son is getting married in Sept. and the celebration will be at our country home. We have been preparing all summer. Hope you can come by for a visit. Best Wishes, Lynn

  6. Hey Ms Chris ... been a LONG time ...hope you are well ...

    Love this post about Lucy ... isnt it amazing that after 100 years her episodes never get old and people still laugh at her antics as they did so long ago ... ?

    My mother loved this show and I remember sitting and watching with her as a child ... fond memories of special times ..

    Thanks for helping us to relive one of lifes simpler pleasures ...



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