Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Score Of The Week.........

I will try to make this a weekly post as I always seem to score one really fabulous item every week or so at a ridiculously low price. Check out this soft burlap pillow with fabulous french script I grabbed at a t.j. maxx while trying to keep grandaughter #2 busy while grandaughter # 1 was having a cap recemented at the dentist the other day. We just happened to go by this t.j. maxx a few towns over from us & I thought I'll take #2 in there & poke around while we were waiting for #1. They had some great pillows & this one was a mere $10.00!!! I think it was a great find-what do you think? I also left with some adorable ralph lauren tops & shorts for #2 & a cute pair of nike sneakers!
Have a great rest of the week~I'd love to see what some of you have grabbed for next to nothing~xoxo


  1. Very much score of the week! I'm jealous! Rachael xo

  2. WOW- great treasured find!

    Don't see lavender printed ones too often - that is AWESOME!!

  3. Well, I was in TJ Maxx here today and there was no such pillow! I love it and you did get a wonderful buy. Heading to Naples next week....:-)

  4. WOW this is a great score. Love it. I found one there too a few months ago, a little different, but still with the burlap and it too was only 10 dollars also. I love stopping in there to see what might be brought in. It's always something new.
    Love your blog and so enjoyed my visit. Thank you for stopping by and your comment and new following. I am a new follower here too.
    Enjoy the day.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  5. That pillow is fabulous! Love the color.

  6. Hello Chris... I have missed our visits!... I did not know you were still blogging as nothing has come through my dashboard in ages!... love all your finds... now I need to go back and read your posts I have been missing... signing up again... I have ALWAYS been a follower, but for some reason, I am not getting your posts... xoxo Julie Marie

    1. I've missed connecting with you too Julie Marie-It was a long very busy winter with no time for blogging. I have missed it & hope to settle down & blog more regularly to connect with my friends...thanks for stopping by xoxo chris

  7. PS... I saw your comment on Celestina Marie's blog and popped right over!

  8. Sweet Find Chris!!
    I've done a bit of damage at Marshalls lately myself!

  9. I W.A.N.T. that pillow. It's amazing and indeed a great find. It would look fabulous on my coach... sigh
    My score of the week was a set of six vintage etched champagne glasses for a mere 3 euros. I was so happy that after they were given a nice bubble bath at home I used them right away to serve a yummy fruit salad.

  10. LOVE YOUR SCORE of the week! Pillows are a great item (they can be pricey) but thats a great price! When I find a great deal, I call it my FABULOUS FIND ALERT! I guess we just can't help ourselves...feeds the soul! From one sweetie to another.....Roxie

  11. I love the cushion - the mauve print is very pretty!
    Thanks for stopping by my blogs - i just signed up as your latest follower!
    Melissah from Country Style Chic


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