Thursday, May 10, 2012

Score Of The Week.........

Okay....I was panicking on Wednesday when I  knew I hadn't scored a great deal yet this week. It was raining hard outside & I didn't feel like leaving the house. However, I hadn't been to the Restoration Hardware Outlet in a few weeks so I thought I'd check it out. You know how outlet stores need to check back often for the really good deals. glad I did because I scored BIGTIME! The most gorgeous belgian linen lumbar pillows,standard sized & euro box that ranged from 59.00-149.00 I got for a mere 4.99-14.99. My favorites were the lumbar pillow cases that were just 4.99 each! I loaded up, dragged them home in the rain & as you will see by the pics didin't even iron them I was so excited to post my finds! I will take them off the pillow forms I bought a jo-annes for a song, iron & place them in all their ironed glory(I do like a wrinkled look but these not ironed just look messy). I was just so excited to show you all!SO.....if you have a factory store near you run don't walk to the nearest store to score like I did. I'm going back for more tomorrow...what great gifts they make & sooooo frugally done. The restoration peeps told me the dye lots were all off...I didn't see any eveidence of this at all. Three words...gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Have a wonderful rest of the week & an even more wonderful mothers day~I will be very busy with family & friends to celebrate, so see you next week! xoxo

These standard sized cases were 9.99-can you believe it? They are gorgeous in a lavender shade with ticking....

Here's the messy looking one (euro box) that so needs to be ironed. This is gray & beigey color. It'll look great once ironed on the white slipcovered couch (that's covered in an old sheet because of grandaughter Giana's visit-remember..she is the one woman wrecking crew & likes to take crayon to the couches lol)
Please forgive the really bad lighting. No matter how much I "fixed" the pics the lighting was funky here due to rain for 3 straight days. The sun is so trying to peek thru.


  1. Gulp.

    OH. MY. GOSH.

    Love love love!! Wish I had one of those outlets!

    I cannot even believe how little you paid!

    WELL DONE, LADY!!!!!

  2. I am gosh darn JEALOUS!!! What a great day for you and your house!

  3. Chris: It looks like you really scored. Good day..Happy Mother's Day also..Judy

    1. OMG I just realized that I wrote renovation hardware instead of restoration hardware....I was on the renovator's supply website for hardware this morning & had it on the brain. All fixed but wanted to explain the mistake. :)

  4. Wow Chris! You did get a steal. Those are gorgeous. We don't have a restoration hardware store or outlet near me...

    Back home from Naples....had a great time. Told my sis hi from you :-)

  5. What a great deal! Those pillow cases are beautiful!

  6. You lucky duck!
    Wish I had an outlet center near me. I LOVE those! with envy over here.
    Shame on me....good for you! :)

  7. That IS a great score!!! I am loving your beutiful blog, so glad I found it through pinterest!! Now following. Come visit me at the Farmhouse Porch sometime :) Now to look around sum' more

  8. What a great score Chris!! I always forget about the outlet!

  9. O, Wow!!
    I am so happy that you visited my place this way I would know all this great info on one of my most Favorite stores :)

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, its always a joy to visit new friends seeing all they inspire, you have inspired me today Yay!!!
    Now I have to google where the closest R/H outlet is to my home!

    See you and your beauty soon, now off to read some of your older posting.

    Happy Mothers Day

  10. It's so fun to find a really good bargin on something you love! they are so pretty! XO Christie

  11. I love these!! You scored on some sweet finds! Thanks for sharing them with us. Very pretty!!

    I hope your Mother's Day was beautiful!


    p.s. I am your newest follower...:)

  12. Hello!
    Beautiful your purchases. Congratulations! The fabrics are wonderful and cheap.
    I wish you a good weekend.


  13. Hello Dear Chris
    Gosh it is so wonderful to meet you. I can not tell you how excited I am that you found my little humble site and left me a sweet comment so I could find your lovely blog.
    When I say lovely I really mean gorgeous. Your gardens and home are to die for and these sweet finds you found have me drooling at the mouth here in Texas.
    I sure wish I could stumble up on some bargains like these.
    As soon as this ole grandma gets her chores done on the North Forty she is coming back over and so she can get to know you better.
    Looking forward to being your newest follower and friend.
    Be sure and check back on my blog because I am putting together a giveaway for all my sweethearts who visit me.

  14. Oh Chris what beauty you behold and the storybook cottage in the background, can I come play? perhaps have a tea party with you :)

    Thank you for your beautiful comment in the visit you made at my place.
    I know I am cheating with leaving you a vomment for your garden of beauty post here, I could not hold back and I could not let it get by without thanking you for your beautiful visit to my Better to be lucky than rich post :)

    Have a perfect break letting the garden tell you its stories.

  15. I am going over there right now!

  16. Hi Chris!

    It's been a long time since I stopped by. I just wanted to say hello and see what is new with you. Everything you post is sooo beautiful. Love the garden and love the pillows. I also hope that you are enjoying summertime. I sure am. It's great not having to get up so early. And I get to spend more time with my kids. Hope your week is great Chris. Take care,
    Janet's Creative Pillows


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